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Are you Sober Curious? Do you want to stop drinking or are you trying to drink more moderately? In a world where you may be questioned for not drinking with the crowd, we’ll help you to find your own path. Sign in here anonymously and use our private website to rewrite your narrative with complete privacy. 0r Search BOOM Rethink the Drink on the Mighty Networks app for Android & iOS Join our diverse international BOOM Community and we'll be there when and where you need us

We do NOT sell courses, coaching, or any other service or product and you will not receive promotional emails from BOOM. The BOOM Rethink the Drink Community is a peer support group funded by voluntary donations. 

If you'd like more information before joining you can begin with these articles from our Boozemusings Blog

How to Use the BOOM Community for Support to Stop Drinking Alcohol or Just Slow Down

Our Member's Testimonials

Our Pocket Guide to Living Alcohol-free from Day 1 to 7 years sober

Our Members' Thoughts on the BOOM Community

“It was a random day of internet searching that brought me to the Boozemusings Blog and the Boom Community, and my life has been changed by it. I needed some kind of “epiphany” for a mindset change, and I have learned things about alcohol and its physical effects that have given me that kind of enlightenment. I check in several times a day, and it is like meeting with my family. The resources here are incredible and inexhaustible. I have quit-lit books, etc., but for me, Boom has been the answer. I feel it has to do with the tireless work of Boom’s creators. Thank you, Boom!!!!!!!”

The people on BOOM are amazing… honest, open, respectful, supportive. I would not have made it this far without them. I was hesitant to send that initial email asking to join as I felt so vulnerable, alone and afraid to share. Thank God I did!”

“This site has such integrity, isn’t cliquey, is non-judgemental, supportive and the right level of friendly, thank you ❤ It feels a safe space to work through things for people.

“Joining this community has in no doubt been the single most important aspect of my getting through the trials and tribulations of sobriety. I had no idea when I joined the impact it would have.”

“I read the Boozemusings article Walking away from the Wine o’ clock Routine on Facebook. It seemed to relate to me as a mum and it was a colourful image that I found empowering. I joined because it mentioned moderation not just sobriety.”

“Other sobriety forums can be quite judgemental and critical. This site definitely isn’t like that. It’s like having friends in your pocket to support you, all you need to do is get out your phone and send a post and the odds are someone will be awake in the world ready to help or at least listen and that can sometimes mean everything x”

“I love that it is smaller and I feel listened too, and I feel that since I can keep track of people and what is going on with them, I can comment better and more thoughtfully. I feel accountable and supported.”

BOOM is my lifeline to a new Alcohol-Free life, to be supported in a safe, respectful space where I can truly open up. I'm so grateful for this wonderful platform and it's much, much more than I can put into words. It's a huge part of my day/life now.”  

Life is too short to waste it Being Wasted